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HTC Desire gets updated to Android 2.2

High Tech Computer Corporation rolled out the latest Google OS version of 2.2 to their Desire devices this past weekend, starting with the SIM free and unlocked models first and foremost.

Other mobile phone network dependant HTC Desires will receive the Froyo update in due course, as they have to qualify that iteration of the OS with their own software running on the handsets. We learnt last week from Orange this could take some time, as their HTC Hero update Android 2.1 has taken some months to achieve.

Networks such as Vodafone and O2 are most likely to receive the update during August, with T-Mobile and Orange to follow - or so it has been reported.

Besides just providing the ‘Froyo' Android 2.2 version there is also the HTC Sense overlay to Android, which arrives part and parcel of the roll out. The Google OS update now provides the ability to record HD 720p video on the Desire, where HTC bundles in their App Share widget that first appeared on their recent Wildfire budget handset.

Those lucky enough to have the unlocked HTC Desire should have been notified with an Over The Air update message this weekend, although downloading the update over WIFI is preferable due to the overall size of the Android 2.2 update.

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