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iPad App To Train UK Troops For Afghanistan

Troops in the British Army are using a special application designed for the iPad to train for fire missions.

The application, which is being trialled at the Royal School of Artillery in Wiltshire, allows the troops to learn the intricacies of a fire mission more quickly than ever before, indicating that smartphones and tablet PCs can indeed be used within the army to train the troops for specialised missions.

Speaking to the BBC, Army training officer Major Rich Gill, said: “If we can use this sort of technology, we can probably shorten the amount of training and that is pretty key nowadays when people are so committed to operations in Afghanistan.”

"There's so much they need to do before they go there and when they come back. If we can use this to reduce the amount of training it'll be fantastic."

Major Gill believes that the iPad is ideal for training the troops for a specialised mission as it is not only effective, but is also cost affective as it saves on costs for printing manuals and guides.