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Kinect Bombs At Hong Kong Demo

Microsoft's Kinect has failed to impress the audience at a Hong Kong animation festival - despite being played by a pair of half-naked Asian models, tech news site Geek has reported.

Local models Jessica C and Chrissie Chau performed a live demo of the Kinect, showing off the device's ability - or inability - to track and replicate players' movements with an on-screen avatar.

The models soldiered through a Kinect Sports hurdles race, with their avatars freezing for up to 10 seconds as the players continued to run on the spot, before the race stuttered to a finish.

Their follow-up, Dance Central, appeared to be working well, but then stopped abruptly half-way through the demo.

Microsoft blamed camera flashes during the demonstration as the reason for the unstable visuals, and suggested that the short distance between the two models may have also affected gameplay, further highlighting the device's limitations.

The Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral began a tour of the UK on Saturday, and is set to run until Christmas, allowing customers to experience the device before buying it.