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Linux 2.6.35 Kernel Released

The Linux Foundation has released the Linux 2.6.35 kernel, packed with a number of improvements and support for the latest hardware.

The new Linux kernel comes with native power saving features on the latest AMD and Radeon graphics chips.

The Linux 2.6.35 kernel also supports Intel's Ironlake driver's H.264 decoding functions and the power saving code optimisation features offered by AMD's six-core CPU.

The Linux Foundation said that the Btrfs file system comes with the ability to directly interact with I/O and reduces the number of glitches suffered when running out of storage space.

Writing on the company blog, Linus Torvalds, wrote: “This may have been a fairly odd release cycle with my rather strict -rc rules before -rc3, but on the whole I think I liked it, and it seems to have worked out ok.”

Other features in the new Linux kernal include extended support for USB 3.0 and enhanced transmission capabilities of the ath_5k Wi-Fi driver.