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Linux kernel 2.6.35 released

Ubergeek Linus Torvalds has released Linux 2.6.35, less than three months since the previous release.

Even the mighty Google has chipped in some new features to the release, with additions that improve the performance of the open OS across multi-core processors.

According to a run-through of the new kernel recommended by Torvalds at KernelNewbies, network handling is now spread across whatever CPUs are available in the system, allowing - amongst other things - protocol processing to be performed on packets in parallel. This has apparently improved the performance of the code quite substantially.

As is to be expected, the release includes many new or improved drivers to broaden the range of hardware supported.

On the video front, the power management features of ATI's Radeon graphics chips is now better supported as is Intel-Ironlake's H.264 decoding feature.

The open sorcerers are now beavering away on the next Linux version, 2.6.36, which is expected in October.