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Lord British Awarded $28 Million In NC Soft Lawsuit

Richard Garriot has won $28 million in a lawsuit against former employer and publisher NC Soft, tech news site TechWatch has reported.

Commonly known as Lord British, Garriot had alleged that NC Soft had sacked him, but that the termination had later been "re-characterized" as a voluntary resignation.

According to Garriot, because his departure had been reclassified as a voluntary resignation, he had only 90 days to sell his shares in the company, forcing him to sell during an economic recession and costing him millions of dollars. Had he been sacked, he would have had years to sell the stock.

Following the court ruling, he said: "I am extremely pleased with the jury's decision. The facts were clear that my departure from NCsoft was not voluntary. I am very pleased with the final award."

Garriot was accused by NC Soft of leaving the company to pursue other opportunities, including a ride to the International Space Station.

The Escapist Magazine reports that the $28 million awarded covers the profits Garriot claims to have lost during the forced sale of his stock.

NC Soft has announced plans to appeal against the ruling.