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Nvidia Loses Market Share To Rivals

Nvidia is losing market share to rivals Intel and AMD, a report compiled by market research firm John Peddie Research has revealed.

According to the report, AMD has overtaken Nvidia as the second largest chip manufacturer in the market and Intel, as it remains unchallenged, has continued to grow at Nvidia's expense.

The report comes just weeks after Nvidia warned investors and market analysts that it would experience a weak second quarter, indicating that the company is struggling to maintain its market standing.

Nvidia has blamed a hostile market and poor economic conditions as the reason behind its slide.

Intel has reported that its market share has increased to 54.9 per cent, up from the 49.7 per cent reported in the previous quarter. The company also reported a growth in unit shipments to 15.3 per cent.

AMD's market share has also increased to 24.4 per cent, up 19.1 per cent from the previous quarter and 32.6 per cent up from the same period last year.