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Temporary Fix iPhone 3G iOS 4 Performance Issues

A temporary fix for the Apple iPhone 3G's performance issues has been released by

Although Apple has announced that it has begun to investigate the problem, a user on the web portal has published a temporary fix-up for the issue.

The website suggests iPhone users to disable all options in Spotlight Search menu by following “Settings->General->Home Button->Spotlight Search-> deselect every option”, which will put a halt to background indexing on the phone.

The fix has so far attracted a number of positive responses and the web portal says that the solution is it is reversible and totally harmless, but users have reported that the fix only seems to work for a couple of days.

After upgrading to the new iOS 4, many iPhone 3G owners complained of decreased performance, shortened battery life and general sluggishness.

Apple has said that, following its investigation of the problem, it will be releasing an official fix.