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Vodafone HTC Desire Android 2.2 Update Coming Soon

Vodafone has confirmed that it is working with HTC and Google to develop an Android 2.2 firmware update for its HTC Desire customers.

Android 2.2 had been released for unlocked versions of the HTC Desire, not bought from a network, over the weekend, leaving many customers with locked handsets angry that they have not also received the update.

In a statement to tech news site Tech Radar, a Vodafone spokesperson said: “We are working with HTC and Google to push the new 2.2 Android firmware out to Vodafone HTC Desire customers as soon as possible. We'll update customers when we have a confirmed release date.”

Before releasing updates for Android-based phones, network providers have to run checks to ensure that the update will be compatible with their network, and will not affect any of the phone's ability to make or receive calls and text messages.

Tests of Android 2.2 running on an unlocked HTC Desire have confirmed that the firmware update significantly boosts the performance of the smartphone.