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Windows 7 Overtakes Vista In Global OS Market Share

Data released by web analyst firm Statcounter shows that Windows 7 OS has overtaken its maligned predecessor, Windows Vista, as the second most popular operating system worldwide.

In the first 24 hours of August, Windows 7 hit 19.56 per cent while Vista's share of the OS market reached 18.82 per cent.

Both OSes are still growing while Windows XP, although still significantly dominant, saw its portion of the worldwide OS market fall to 54.89 per cent, more than the rest of the platforms combined.

Statcounter lists both Mac OS, Linux and Other OSes as being slight down overall compared to previous months. Surprisingly, Windows Vista is more popular than Windows 7 in North America and Europe, two of Microsoft's most important territories and where Windows XP shares have slipped below 50 per cent of the market.

Vista is beaten by its successor in Asia, South America and Africa; not bad for an operating system which was only introduced in October 2009 in the midst of the worst recession in recent memories.

More than 150 million copies of Windows 7 have been sold as of end of June 2010 and it wouldn't be surprising if Microsoft manages to sell more than double that by the end of the year especially as businesses warm to the idea of a SP1 edition.