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4 iPad Replacements For Leicester City Councillors

So Leicester City Council may well be looking to get 54 iPad devices as we reported this morning for the princely sum of £37,746 if purchased directly from Apple.

Although we share some of their concerns about traditional laptops and how the iPad could potentially replace them, we cannot but help believe that they are being VERY liberal when it comes to spending their constituents' money on a very expensive device.

Three reasons were put forward to explain the move from laptops to the ipad; the portability factor, the issue with printing and the fact that you won't need to charge them often.

Now, in the interest of the general public, we've come up with four other devices that could replace the iPad easily. We'll start by our own Dell Vostro V13; it is a laptop but one unlike most others.

It is not only gorgeous, weighs a mere 1.7Kg but also comes with a card reader and USB ports, something that the iPad is missing. Oh and it costs nearly £100 less; you can view our review of the laptop here.

Too expensive or big? Try the equally gorgeous Asus EEE PC 1001HA Seashell which is available in Black or White and sport an Atom N270 processor, a webcam, a 10-inch screen and comes with webcam, something that could be useful for our councillors as well. It costs a mere £190, weighs 1.4Kg and Ebuyer may even give them a discount if more than 50 are purchased.

Looking to go easy on the balance sheet? Then it might be worth looking at the Dell Mini 1012 and 3 UK which would allow Leicester City Council to get a chic netbook and a 1GB per month internet access from £17.50 per month on a 24 month contract.

If they really want to cut costs, then they might also look at the Datawind Ubi-Surfer netbook which is not only tiny but also boosts Windows CE operating system and 12 months free unlimited internet plus a free carrying bag all for £127.