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Amazon Owns 70-80 Per Cent Of E-Book Market

Amazon has stated that it occupies majority of the digital books market, tech news site Cnet reported on Monday.

In an interview with David Cornoy of Cnet, Amazon’s vice president for Kindle Ian Freed stated that between 70 to 80 per cent of digital books in its e-books store are purchased by Kindle owners.

“The device business continues to grow and then the content is growing both with the device sales and independently with the apps. We see a lot of customers start with apps and buy a Kindle later,” said Freed in the interview.

Amazon's Kindle is still reported to be one of the most popular e-reader devices in the market, with the company saying that the two new Kindle models have sold out within a week of their release.

The company started to take pre-orders for its wireless devices on 28 July. The new Kindles are set to be shipped on 27 August.

Amazon has continued to take orders for the new Kindle, with the second batch set to arrive by 4 September.