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Apple's iPhone 4 is now safe for business

Despite its massive popularity, Apple's iPhone has always struggled to gain traction within the business community.

Potential enterprise users have been put off by the reports of poor security in the past, and the iPhone - alongside its pumped-up sibling the iPad - have often been dismissed as trendy gadgets for media types with £100 haircuts.

Three years after the launch of the original iPhone, the serious suits at Forrester Research have finally given Apple's iDevices the stamp of approval, declaring the iPhone and the iPad fit for business.

A new report entitled: Apple's iPhone And iPad: Secure Enough For Business? comes with a simple answer... yes.

"In 2007, IT dismissed the iPhone as insecure and unsuitable for enterprises. Three years later, the iPhone (and iPad) give enterprises enough security options to enable them to say 'yes' instead of 'no'," says the report.

The report defines seven security policies every enterprise should implement to keep its email and corporate information safe on Apple mobile devices, whether or not the enterprise owns them.

It's not all good news for Apple, however. Whilst the report acknowledges that most enterprises can use Apple mobile devices securely, some require higher levels of authentication assurance, resistance to attack, manageability and logging than the iPad or iPhone can provide.

"For these customers, Research In Motion's BlackBerry still rules the roost," says Forrester's security expert Andrew Jaquith.