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ATI issues anti-aliasing fix for StarCraft II

Nvidia can now stop ribbing ATI about its lack of support for anti-aliasing in StarCraft II, as AMD's Canadian graphics wing has already released a fix to smooth out the game's jagged edges.

Blizzard's Zerg-filled RTS doesn't support anti-aliasing in the menu options, meaning gamers have to force it through via their graphics driver's control panel. Effectively, this knocked the anti-aliasing ball into Nvidia and ATI's respective courts, and the latter originally decided not to support it.

In a statement given to hardware tech site Hardware Canucks, ATI stated that "after evaluating our options, our engineering team opted not to provide AA [anti-aliasing] support for StarCraft II within the Catalyst Control Center, even though the competition has included AA support in their driver at launch."

However, ATI's driver team added: "We are committed to making AA perform at an acceptable level before we release it to our customers. We will continue to work with Blizzard on this matter and hope to offer our customers an acceptable solution at a later date."

ATI's arch rival Nvidia enjoyed a brief spell of being the only graphics company to support anti-aliasing in the game. On 27 July, the GPU maker's Twitter feed cheekily asked "GeForce users: Hows does the AA look in StarCraft II? Let us know." Of course, the anti-aliasing looks like pretty much any other multi-sampled anti-aliasing; Nvidia clearly just wanted to have a dig at the competition.

However, AMD has already issued its first driver to support anti-aliasing in the game. The Catalyst 10.7a Beta driver supports the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP, and runs on any Radeon HD card from the 2000-series to the 5000-series, including equivalent Mobility Radeon chips in laptops.

According to AMD, the new driver also features a performance enhancement for the few affluent elitists who have an Eyefinity setup using a Quad CrossFireX graphics system.

If you own an ATI card and want to smooth out those nasty pixellated edges in StarCraft II, then you can download the new driver from here.