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Carphone Warehouse Debuts Music Anywhere Cloud Service

Carphone Warehouse has unveiled a new music service called Music Anywhere that allows users to play up to 500 music tracks from the cloud and synchronise the most played ones to their devices.

For £30 per year, customers will be able to access their complete music collection from one mobile device and several computers. In a nutshell, the service indexes the music repository to find out which music the user possesses.

It then matches the music tracks to the digital music catalogue maintained by Catch Media (which contains at least six million songs). The end user then has to install a music Anywhere App on a mobile handset to stream music.

Importantly, the musicians will be paid for each time their tracks are played even if the user has purchased the tracks before.

Described by the Guardian as a bottomless music locker in the Sky, the service will provide labels with detailed data about tracks being played down to the favourite songs in a particular post code which can be used to prepare gigs for example.

The announcement by Carphone Warehouse comes as Europe's largest mobile phone retailer criticised the music industry as a whole over their stand on piracy and the role that ISPs should play in identifying pirates. It also made it clear that it was against some of the measures included in the Digital Economy Bill.