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Ceglia 'Forgot' He Owned 84 Per Cent Of Facebook

Paul Ceglia, the man who is claiming in a US court case that he owns 84 per cent of Facebook, has said he had forgotten he still held the contract that proved his claim.

According to UK newspaper The Telegraph, Ceglia said that he had found the contract when searching through his old files after he was arrested on charges of fraud in relation to his wood-pellet fuel company.

In a statement to Bloomberg news, Ceglia said: “If this thing hadn't happened the way it happened, no way would I have ever started looking through these ancient folders. That contract would just be sitting in there gathering dust.”

Ceglia has claimed that he had a contract which granted him a 50 per cent share in the platform in exchange for development services. He also said that he gave an additional $1,000 to Zuckerberg as a part of their deal.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the company's legal team has declared that the claims made by Ceglia are absurd. Zuckerberg insists he did not sign any document granting Ceglia 84 per cent ownership of the company.