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Firefox Market Share Falls As Chrome Rises

Mozilla's Firefox web browser is losing market share, recent figures released by web analytics firm Net Market Share reveal.

According to the figures, Firefox had held over 24 per cent of the market in May, but slipped to 23.81 per cent in June. In July, its market share fell again, dropping to 22.91 per cent.

Business technology news site Katonda reports that industry experts believe that Firefox is replicating the fall of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, which consistently fell each month from 2009, reaching a market share of 59.75 per cent in May 2010 before bouncing back to 60.74 per cent in June.

Mozilla has been losing its market share to Google's Chrome web browser, as, since its launch, Chrome's market share has risen consistently, threatening the dominance of both IE and Firefox.

As of July 2010, Google's Chrome web browser has a market share of 7.16 per cent, rising by almost 4 per cent since September 2009.

Chrome has managed to attract users from almost every platform available in the market, with users reportedly preferring to that it offers a more secure, and stable browsing environment than its competition.