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iPhone 4 Jailbreak App Unlocks 3G FaceTime Calls

The iPhone Dev Team's jailbreakme application allows users to make 3G FaceTime calls from their iPhones, Apple focused tech news site Apple Insider reported on Monday.

Officially, Apple does not support 3G FaceTime calls, but the latest jailbreak tool allow users to run the application on both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

Developed by Comex, the jailbreaking tool allows users to run third-party applications that are not approved by Apple on their iPhones, at the risk of invalidating their warranty.

"My3G makes Apps believe that they are on Wi-Fi instead of 3G. With My3G, you can now watch Hi-Def YouTube videos, use Skype/Fring/Other VoIP apps over the 3G network and of course FaceTime,” said Intelliborn, a developer.

In a quick update made to the tools on, hackers have made a similar jailbreak solution available for users running iOS 3.2.1 on their iPads.

The personalised hacking tools have been legalised by a US court after apprehensions from manufacturers. Tools can be used via web browser Safari and do not require users' devices to be connected to an external computer or Mac for installation.