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iPhone 4 Jailbreakme App Updated

The iPhone Dev Team, the developers of the new Jailbreakme iOS 4 jail break application, has released an update for the tool.

The update is said to fix an issue that disabled FaceTime and MMS in jailbroken iOS 4-based iPhones.

Following the launch of the tool, many users claimed that the MMS and FaceTime features had stopped working.

Jailbreakme developers, working along with Cydia founder Jay Freeman, quickly released fix to patch the problem.

The jailbreak tool can be installed on iPhones by visiting the official website (opens in new tab) from the phone's web browser and following a set of instructions.

The iPhone Dev Team has said that the installation process has been made as simple as possible, and that users will now no longer need to connect their iPhones to a PC or Mac in order to perform the jailbreak.

The developers have said that the process is completely reversible and those wishing to do so can simply go to iTunes and click on the restore tab.

The release of the application followed a recent US ruling that stated that jailbreaking phones is not illegal monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.