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Kingston unveils water-cooled DDR3 sticks

Versatile memory maker Kingston is attempting to court liquid-cooling enthusiasts with its latest line of HyperX H2O DDR3 sticks, which can be hooked up to a standard water-cooling loop.

The new modules feature a heatspreader with a 75mm horizontal metal pipe threaded through the top of it. The pipe then terminates with a 0.25-inch barb on each end so anyone with a network of tubes in their PC can integrate it into their water-cooling setup.

Three flavours are available at launch, including both dual-channel and triple-channel kits. At the top of the stack is a 6GB set of three modules, which Kingston says can be clocked at 2GHz with latency timings of 9-10-9-27.

However, the fastest guaranteed clock speed comes from a 4GB dual-channel pair of 2GB modules, which Kingston says can hit 2,133MHz at timings of 9-11-9-27. Finally, a cheaper pair of 2GB modules can be run at 2GHz, with the same 9-11-9-27 timings.

According to Kingston, all of the piped-up sticks can achieve their top-rated speeds at the standard maximum voltage setting of 1.65V, and they also feature Intel XMP profiles for easy setup.

The memory maker explained that the new niche-market modules were required in order to satisfy every corner of the memory industry. "HyperX H2O is a natural extension of Kingston's offerings for performance users," said the company's senior technology manager, Mark Tekunoff. "Our goal is for users of all levels and interests to have a Kingston product that meets their needs."

All of the modules come with a lifetime warranty, and free round-the-clock technical support from Kingston. There's no official word on UK pricing or availability yet, but Kingston says the modules should soon be available through the usual retail channels.

In terms of US pricing, the kits start at $157 (£99) for the 2GHz 4GB kit, then go up to $205 (£129) for the 2,133MHz pair, while the 6GB set can be had for $235 (£148).