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Leicester City Councillor Explains iPad Choice

The leader of the Leicester City's Conservative Group, Ross Grant, came out fighting in a post on his website defending his decision to choose an iPad as his main portable computer amidst the ruckus caused by the potential purchase of 54 iPad for the councillors at a cost of nearly £38,000.

Ross Grant, whose name was mentioned in the initial article, said that as a package the iPad works although he agrees that it is not in itself a justification for significant IT expenditure.

He mentions reasons why the iPad is great for him as councillor; it's extremely mobile, always on and connected, stable and the format is ideal for meetings plus there's a huge choice of free or cheap applications.

Councillors get just over £4000 in their first four years as Council members to buy items that will help them in their daily tasks. That's well worth over £200,000 for the 54 councillors and although they are free to buy whatever they want to, the upheaval has more to do with the product (the iPad) rather than the price.

Grant however rightly points out that the brewing discontent has probably more to do with what he calls "problems created by MPs" (like the Expenses scandal) and spread to other politicians as well. He ends his blog post by asking whether he should claim all his support package in other ways.