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Leicester Council To Give Out iPads To Councillors

In one of the more shocking examples of how money should not be spent, Leicester City Council may be on the verge of spending around £40,000 worth of public money to buy 54 Apple iPad devices for its councillors.

The Telegraph reports that four councillors have already been given the £699 model which comes with 3G and 64GB onboard memory. Apparently one of them justified the move by saying that her laptop was heavy and made it difficult to take it to meetings.

The council said that giving out iPads may save up to £90.000 each year in printing costs. The council is also expected to buy £15 a month mobile data contracts as well for the iPads which will add an additional £10,000 a year.

But Thisisleicestershire writes that the cost for the first year will actually be much higher because of the way the support fund for councillors works.

Oddly enough, the same council has started a cost-cutting drive to reduce its operating budget by £100 million and has already announced that it will cut its number of staff by 1000.

The first obvious question we shall ask is whether they couldn't have simply purchased a cheaper version of the iPad and save £10,000.

The second is why not get one of the slim and light laptop like the Dell Vostro V13 model we use. The third is how did they managed to calculate that they would spend around £150 per month per councillor on printing costs.