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LG launches new youth mobiles

LG has announced a trio of touch screen phones in their Cookie series that are all aimed at ‘Generation Z' users. These handsets are the Cookie, Cookie Style and Cookie 3G, which are geared up for the youth market where text, music and social networking features are very much the focus of these devices.

The three phones are designed for first time full touch screen phone buyers, as well as a younger generation of mobile users.

Just for some background info, Generation Z people are the children of Generation X, which in turn themselves are the children of Generation Y.

The LG Cookie is their 2.4-inch full touch screen mobile phone, which is the most compact of the series fitting comfortably in the hand. LG Cookie Style tips up with a 2.8-inch LCD screen, with its case being more stylised than the Cookie where a variety of colour options will be available along with accessory's for mixing and matching.

Lastly, the LG Cookie 3G obviously boasts access to a fast data connection - as the name suggests, with fast push email access too. A 3.5mm headphone jack, FM radio and a microSD slot all accompany the new models with a customised social networking UI.

There are already a few LG Cookie handsets in the UK, with different names and styles to suit all tastes. These new mobile phones are said to be arriving around September time, with a view to extend LG's presence in the UK with younger phone ownerZ.

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