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Microsoft Hits Back At IE8 Privacy Allegations

Microsoft has issued a response to reports that stated it chose to overlook Internet Explorer 8's privacy to make money from web adverts over privacy, tech news site The Register has reported.

In response to the report, first published in the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft's general manager of Internet Explorer Dean Hachamovitch detailed the point of online security and privacy in his blog.

"Part of what makes online privacy tricky is that browsing the web is fundamentally an information exchange. Your web browser offers information in order to get information. That information can identify you.” Hachamovitch wrote.

A heated debate between the developers team led by Hachamovitch and the marketing and advertising team led by Brian McAndrews had ensued over whether the enhanced privacy options would affect advertising revenue. Hachamovitch was initially in favour of stricter privacy measures applied by default for IE8.

According to Peter Cullen, Microsoft’s chief privacy strategist, the existing privacy structure in the IE8 is an apt balance between convenience for users and advertisers along with freedom for users from tracking systems.