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Microsoft Patches Critical Shortcut Bug

Microsoft has released a patch for a critical shortcut flaw in its Windows operating system, the Telegraph reported on Monday.

The software update will be able to fix the vulnerability that enables hackers to remotely control computers based on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems using infected shortcuts, also called Ink files.

“We’re able to confirm that, in the past few days, we’ve seen an increase in attempts to exploit the vulnerability. We firmly believe that releasing the update out-of-band is the best thing to do to help protect our customers,” stated Christopher Budd, a senior security response manager at Microsoft.

The flaw, which was first reported in July, spread through USB drives and network connections infected with malicious malware, dubbed as Stuxnet.

It has been reported that the attacks have increased ever since Microsoft discovered the bug and published a statutory warning to its global customers.

Details about the patch have been published on the company’s support page.