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The Pirate Party Hits Back At Ofcom's Digital Economy Act Consultation

The Pirate Party has submitted its detailed response to Ofcom's consultation of the Digital Economy Act (DEA), news site PR Fire reported on Monday.

The digital freedom advocates submitted a stern response to the consultation, which was held to discuss the Initial Obligations Code. The Pirate Party stated its concern that the code is lacking an "alarming number of elements".

The party said: "The Code lacks purpose and intention. Despite a requirement that the measures in the Code be 'proportionate to what they are intended to achieve', Ofcom have indicated that they have not been informed as to what the purpose of these measures is."

They added that “the document is clearly set up to aid only the more powerful businesses, not small, independent companies or individuals who will not have the legal or financial resources to use the measures included in the Code."

According to Pirate Party leader Andrew Robinson, the Ofcom document contains too many loopholes, is full of poorly defined terms, and that many of the issues are yet to be sorted out with human rights and European laws.