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PlayStation Move Set To Outsell Kinect In UK

Sony's PlayStation Move controllers will outsell rival Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 peripheral in the UK, a survey reported by gaming website Now Gamer has revealed.

According to the survey, conducted by sales website Groupola, the majority of the 2,000 UK gamers surveyed are more interested in buying the PlayStation Move instead of the Kinect.

The survey shows that 77 per cent of PlayStation 3 console owners have shown interest in buying Move controller, but that only 23 per cent of Xbox 360 owners are looking to buy the Kinect.

Groupola believe that the cost of buying the Kinect is putting potential customers off buying the device. The Kinect costs £129.99, and can only be used by two players at once.

Sony's PlayStation Move will cost £49.99 for the starter pack, which includes on Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye camera.

Groupola’s Managing Director Mark Pearson said: “I genuinely believe that the main issue with the Kinect is that it’s been too highly priced. The cost may be its downfall. I think they’ll be dropping that price dramatically when the Move launches in order to compete."