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RIM To Let Indian Gov Monitor BlackBerry Users

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has agreed to the Indian government's demands to allow its security agencies to monitor all e-mails and chat messages sent from its BlackBerry smartphones in India.

The country's communications ministry had raised national security concerns with the company, asking it to install the necessary technology to allow security agencies to monitor the network fro suspected terrorist communication.

According to The Economic Times, RIM has decided to share the technical codes for its e-mail services and grant access to all messages sent by over a million BlackBerry users in India to the Indian government within the next 15 days.

The company is also planning to develop the necessary tools to allow security agencies to snoop on all chat messages sent from BlackBerry phones.

The U.A.E government has banned BlackBerry e-mail and web browsing services to users, also voicing national security concerns.

The government has said that the ban will stay until RIM comes with a plan that will allow the country's security agencies to monitor BlackBerry's network for possible terrorist activities.