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RIM to let Indian Gov snoop on Blackberry users

Canadian mobile maker Research in Motion (RIM) will allow the Indian Government to snoop on Blackberry users in order to avoid having the gadgets banned outright.

The United Arab Emirates has already outlawed some of the device's services due to 'security risks' and Saudi Arabia is joining in.

But RIM is offering to open up its servers to the Indian authorities which will allow government spooks to monitor all emails within 15 days of them being sent.

The company is also developing tools which will allow Indian authorities to listen to voice messages, though this won't happen for six to eight months according to documents acquired by The Economic Times.

RIM has agreed to the compromise after it came under increasing pressure from the India's telecoms department and was given 15 days to come up with a solution.

Messages sent from Blackberry devices are encrypted several times before reaching their recipient and cannot be snooped on using traditional methods.