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Samsung "Gunning For" Nokia's Market Share

Samsung is "gunning for" Nokia's position in the mobile phone market, according to market analyst ABI Research.

Despite both companies suffering poor second-quarter results, Nokia has maintained its position as the market leader, the Tehran Times reports.

ABI reported that weak second quarter results for both companies had left Nokia reporting a drop in its market share to 34.5 per cent, and Samsung ending the growth streak it had shown for seven successive quarters.

The research firm believes that Samsung, which recently launched its Galaxy S Android-based smartphone, has doubled its efforts to attempt to overtake Nokia in the mobile phone market, and that its adoption of the Android operating system will only help it to achieve its goals.

In a statement, Jake Saunders, the vice president for forecasts at ABI said: “Samsung is still gunning for Nokia’s pre-eminent spot, but we will have to see if Samsung’s recent smartphone launches, such as the Galaxy S, will help it resume its march on Nokia.”