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Samsung Launches 2TB Hard Disk Drive With Three Platters

Samsung has released a 2TB hard disk drive as part of its Ecogreen family with three platters rather than four, a change that will reduce the power consumption of the storage device while improving reliability.

The F4EG is available in 1.5TB or 2TB versions with the latter having 667GB platters. They come with 32MB cache, spin at 5400RPM, sport a STA interface and NCQ.

Samsung says that the new version will consume 23 per cent less power in standby mode compared to the current iteration while performing 19 percent better.

The F4EG is also better than the previous generation of hard drives when it comes to being environmental friendliness and audio properties.

The drive will go on sale in the US for $120 excluding taxes and we expect it to match the price of the existing generation, the SpinPoint F3 Ecogreen which cost around £81.

I.C. Park, Samsung vice president of storage sales, said in a statement that "The F4EG delivers all the benefits of a low-power drive yet features top performance quality and is environmentally friendly."

We've yet to see when a 3TB version of the hard disk drive will be launched in the UK.