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Sex Sites Blocked From BlackBerrys In Kuwait

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has been asked block pornographic websites on its network by the government of Kuwait, Reuters has reported.

According to the al-Jarida newspaper in Kuwait, RIM has agreed to a request from the country's communications ministry to block around 3,000 pornographic websites from its BlackBerry handsets in the country.

Kuwait has also said that it will not suspend BlackBerry services, even though other Gulf nations have threatened to do so.

RIM is said to have reached a security agreement with the government of Kuwait and is working with local telecom companies to develop a set of new "legal controls that would guarantee national security on the one hand, and the rights of citizens use the device's services on the other."

The company has also recently agreed to demands made by the Indian government for setting up a server in the country, allowing Indian security agencies to monitor all calls and text messages sent from the devices and help them to prevent possible terrorist attacks.