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Windows Phone 7 Set For October Launch

Microsoft has confirmed that its Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform will be launched in Europe, Engadget has reported.

The company said that the platform is set to be released in October, and will be released in the US in November.

Microsoft had previously not released any details about the possible release date of the new platform.

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner made the announcement at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference last month.

He said: “This is a lowlight, for me, for the company, it's tough. But you know what, in the October time-frame, and in the November time-frame, October likely across Europe, November likely across the U.S. - the game - we're back in this game.”

He went on to predict that more than 450 million Windows Phone 7-based smartphones will be sold in the next three to five years.

Microsoft has announced that mobile phone makers HTC, LG and Dell are set to offer Windows Phone 7-based smartphones.