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Apple Delays Streaming iTunes Launch

Apple's cloud-based iTunes project may be delayed due to video streaming issues, tech news site Cnet reports.

Following the company's acquisition of streaming music website eight months ago, industry experts had predicted that Apple would launch an ambitious cloud-based music streaming portal for all its devices.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Cnet has revealed that Apple has told four leading record labels that it is not ready to launch a cloud-based version of iTunes, but is planning to release a version that excludes some of the site's planned features, such as a digital locker that allows users to store their music collections on the cloud and access them from any device.

Apple is still in negotiations with major record labels to acquire the licence required to distribute music via the cloud.

Cnet sources also revealed that one of Lala's four founders, who joined Apple after the site's acquisition last December, has left the company, possibly affecting Apple's plans for the music streaming service.