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Apple Releases Streaming Music By The Back Door

Amid confusion over the future of a streaming iTunes music service, Apple has secretly updated its iDisk online storage service to allow users to stream audio files stored online on internet enabled devices.

According to a report on Cnet, Apple had updated is iDisk service and MobileMe iDisk App, allowing users to stream music stored on the cloud to Internet-connected devices including the iPad,

Apple's iDisk service is a part of its MobileMe family of apps, which allows users to store files on a cloud-based system, similar to Google Docs and Microsoft's SkyDrive.

Apple's enabling of audio streaming on iDisk was reported by Music Ally, which cited a blog post made by MP3Tunes CEO Michael Robertson, who revealed that the new iDisk release notes indicated the software's ability to stream audio files on an Apple device via the cloud.

Robertson warned that major record labels would not be happy with the new streaming feature, streaming audio requires specific licensing agreements.