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Bing Maps Adds Taxi Fare Calculator

An application on Microsoft’s Bing Maps now allow users to calculate taxi fares between two addresses, tech site Gizmodo reported on Tuesday.

The taxi fare calculator, after users to highlight their start address and their destination, presents an estimated taxi fare fro the journey, as well as the shortest taxi route.

The application also calculates additional charges which include pick-up, time of travel and distance charges. The fare estimated by the application is based on the standard fare chart.

The taxi fare calculator is one of many submitted by members of the public to Microsoft for its "King of Bing Maps" competition. .

The King of Bing Maps competition consists of a number entrants built with cloud-based data services or KML, Bing Maps and Silverlight 4.

The winner of King of Bing Maps Challenge is set to be announced on 20 August and will be awarded a travel gift card worth $1,000.