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Google Releases "Highly Unstable" Chrome Canary build

Google has released the 'Canary Build' of its Chrome web browser tech news site The Register reported on Tuesday.

The company has said that Canary Build, which was released last week, is the most unstable and experimental version of its Chrome browser.

The Canary Build has been launched to seek developers feedback on what it describes to be a “highly unstable browser that will often break entirely”.

Writing on the Chromium blog, Chrome product manager Henry bridge wrote: "We plan to update the Canary Build more frequently than the Dev channel, with riskier changes, and usually without a human being ever verifying that it works.”

He added: “To enable you to continue using the same browser you love when the canary croaks, we’ve made it possible to install the Canary build in addition to the Dev, Beta or Stable channel versions of Google Chrome.”

He said that the Canary Build is only available on Windows, and, due to its erratic behaviour, cannot be set as the default browser.