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Hack Uses Google Street View To Locate Victims

A security expert has devised a method which can pin-point the exact location of a person's home to attackers by accessing location data from Google’s Street View service, BBC News reported on Tuesday.

The exploit, devised by hacker Samy Kamkar, discovers the location details by interrogating their network router to reveal an important identification number. This number can then be used alongside readily available internet tools to find out the location of the router within a few hundred feet.

Kamkar said that the process works because it is made to appear that the request for information is coming from the user's computer instead of from the internet.

Speaking at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Kamkar said: “Their web browser is compelling this exploit for you. Pretty cool.”

He gathered the data, known as a MAC address, and used it along with the geo-location feature used in Google’s Street View service on the Firefox web browser to associate the revealed address with the GPS data to locate the router.

He said: “This is geo-location gone terrible. Privacy is dead people. I’m sorry.”