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HTC Glacier Set To Be Fastest Android Smartphone Of 2010

The HTC Glacier could well become the fastest Android smartphone yet to be released if a slew of benchmarks and screen captures posted by a little known website are to be believed.

Alienbabeltech says that it has proof of the existence of the T-Mobile "Project Emerald" and that it is none other than the HTC Glacier, a name that is being used internally by the Taiwanese manufacturer.

The phone, Alienbabeltech understands, could only be a dual core model that sports a clock speed 50 per cent higher than the current high end performers like the Evo 4G or the Desire.

Indeed, the yet to be launched phone is nearly three times faster than the EVO 4G in the GLBenchmark Pro ES 1.1 CPU Skinning where it hits 1432 frames compared to only 516 for the current champion.

Although the blogger did not have any direct hands-on interaction with the HTC Glacier, he made his inferences assuming that the device scales linearly with increasing clock speed and by doubling the number of cores.

Another point of interest is the fact that the Samsung-designed Hummingbird ARM-based processor in the Galaxy S appears to be only slightly less powerful than the HTC Glacier despite being supposedly slower and having only one core.

There's no mention of the Motorola favourite, the OMAP 3630 which is used in the Droid X and which apparently even scores higher than the Samsung SoC in some benchmarks.