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iPhone jailbreak causes PDF lock-down

The Internet is flapping its gums about a flaw in Apple's iOS4 mobile operating system which can open up the system to abuse if directed at a web site containing maliciously coded PDF files.

At least one Chicken Little at a well known web site has written that Apple is advising all users of iDevices not to open PDF files of any kind until a patch is released. We have seen no such warning from Apple, and the web site in question offers no link or source for the advisory notice. As is the way with these juicy, panic-inducing stories, the original tale has spread far and wide, growing in the telling, despite the complete and utter lack of evidence.

As usual a bunch of self-seeking nobodies from 'security companies' have been rolled out extol the virtues of backing up, and careful use, and whatever security software is flogged by the company that pays their mortgage with regular parcels of cash in plain brown envelopes

And doesn't it seem just a little bit strange that, just a few days after a web-based hack which jailbreaks Apple's Holey Handset by installing a fiddled PDF file, the rumour mill is set in motion by mysterious insider sources?

We smell a rat. An Apple-flavoured rat.