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Leicester City Council iPad Story Hides Bigger Plan

By all standards, Ross Grant, the leader of Leicester City's conservative group, appears to be a very well versed guy when it comes to technology and managed to explains his view on why he chose the iPad and why it might actually make sense for other councillors in the city to get some.

Those looking at his personal blog might notice that he has a QR Code at the bottom of the page, uses iPadio and brings in expressions like iOS or render in the conversation.

In what seems to be an interview with Stuart Sumner of, Grant explains how spending money on IT could actually save money and jobs at the council, something that we've heard a lot in the private sector.

He tells Sumner that encouraging staff to work from home or using mobile solutions could potentially save millions of pounds in building costs before arguing that shifting staff to the cloud and just providing meeting and hotdesking facilities would allow them to half their building requirements.

Grant also adds that the cost of the iPad devices will already met by the council's IT budget as the councillors' laptops and IT equipment will be up for renewal in 2011.

In the hindsight, it had less to do with the actual £700 spent on a piece of computer and more to do with the high visibility of the iPad (a device that one journalist labelled as "swanky").

Indeed, if £1000 were to be spent on a Panasonic Toughbook or a Dell Latitude XT laptop, it wouldn't even have made the headlines.