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Microsoft Wins Online Multiplayer Patent Lawsuit

A court has ruled in favour of Microsoft after the software giant had been accused of infringing upon patents related to multiplayer gaming, financial news group Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

The lawsuit, which was filed by Peter A. Hochstein, Jeffrey Tenenbaum and patent rights holder Harold Milton Jr, accused the software giant of stealing technology used for remotely connecting multiple players across the world.

The group had demanded royalties and an order banning further use of their invention.

The lawsuit reads that the patent, issued in 1994, is designed "for two or more players playing the same video game to compete with each other without using the same physical video game which alleviates the necessity of proximity of the players."

The decision was announced by US District Judge Paul D. Borman on 20 July, ruling that the patent in question refers to an electrical connection, while gaming consoles like the Xbox are not electrically connected to allow online multiplayer gaming.

The patent holder had also filed the same case against Sony in relation to its PlayStation console range. Sony had settled the case out of court. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.