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News@5: Microsoft's Mystery Device, Sky Movies Competition Probe & Apple iTunes

A security expert has devised a method which can pin-point the exact location of a person's home to attackers by accessing location data from Google’s Street View service. The exploit discovers the location details by interrogating their network router to reveal an important identification number.

Vodafone has released an over-the-air firmware update for the HTC Desire smartphone, adding a set of Vodafone-branded applications. The company forced the update on users as part of its operating system update, disappointing many owners.

Apple's cloud-based iTunes project may be delayed due to video streaming issues. Apple is reported to have told four leading record labels that it is not ready to launch a cloud-based version of iTunes, but is planning to release a version that excludes some of the site's planned features.

Microsoft has released two cropped photos of a mysterious device on its newly created Twitter account. The company further teased gadget fans with a hint written at the bottom of the final uploaded image, indicating that the device, whatever it is, will be touch-enabled.

UK media regulator Ofcom has urged the Competition Commission to investigate the role of BSkyB's premium Sky Movies channels in the Pay-TV market. Ofcom believes that Sky's dominance of the market is affecting the competition in the sector.