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RIM Blackberry Torch : Hardware Details

Research in Motion announced the Blackberry Torch, also known as the 9800, yesterday during a live event which was broadcasted online and is likely to dislodge the Blackberry Storm 2 as the flagship handset of the company.

The new Torch is very much like the old Storm but comes with a sliding keyboard and a capacitive touchscreen which brought up comparisons with the Palm Pre.

RIM, it seems, has deliberately chosen to stick to the existing underlying hardware specifications even if the Torch is now using Blackberry OS 6.0.

We now know that the Torch is powered by an ARM-based processor (possibly an older Qualcomm MSM model) that is still clocked, as the 2008 Blackberry 9000 Series, at a puny 624MHz. In comparison, most recent Android handsets use the more powerful Cortex A8 CPU clocked at 1GHz.

The screen appears to be the same as the Storm 2 with a 3.2-inch HVGA+ display while camera resolution, standby and talk time, onboard memory and Flash memory have been significantly improved.

Amongst the other interesting tidbits, we noticed that the Torch now supports Flac and Ogg Vorbis, is the first model to support 802.11n Wi-Fi and comes with a 4GB memory card.

The Torch is also the biggest (in terms of volume) and heaviest Blackberry handset to date it seems, not by a lot though. In a nutshell, the Torch appears to be a cross between the Storm and the Bold.

You can compare the Torch, to the Storm, the Bold and the Curve (as well as many other Blackberry phones) here.