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RIM Rules Out Deal With India On E-mail Snooping

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has said that it will not allow Indian security agencies to monitor encrypted e-mail messages sent over its network.

Instead, RIM said that it is working towards finding a solution to the security concerns raised by the government.

RIM also denied media reports that suggested that it had submitted to the demands made by the Indian government by agreeing to install a server that would allow Indian security agencies to monitor all messages and e-mails sent from BlackBerry handsets.

The announcement comes after Saudi Arabia joined the United Arab Emirates in suspending all BlackBerry e-mail and instant messaging services when RIM refused to share its technology with local security agencies and allow them to monitor its network.

In a statement to news agency AFP, RIM spokesperson Satchit Gayakwad, said: “We look forward to a solution (with the Indian government). Nobody likes to be in such a situation, a solution should be feasible. But there can be no compromise on security for our customers' communications.”