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Saudi Arabia Orders Ban On BlackBerry Services

Saudi Arabia has ordered a ban on services provided by Research In Motion for its BlackBerry mobile phone, Bloomberg has reported.

The Telecommunication Authority of Saudi Arabia has ordered mobile network carriers to stop providing e-mail, messaging and web browsing services to BlackBerry devices from Friday, 6 August.

According to a report from Saudi state news agency SPA, the country has ordered the suspension of BlackBerry services because they currently do not meet state regulatory requirements.

The decision comes after the United Arab Emirates announced that it would be placing a ban on all internet and instant messaging services on BlackBerry devices from October.

Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE have demanded access to all data and messages sent from BlackBerry handsets, citing the lack of access a threat to national security.

Although RIM has not given any statement in response to the issue, the Canadian company has stated that it “cooperates with all governments with a consistent standard and the same degree of respect.”