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Sharp To Launch 3D Smartphone This Year

Japanese consumer electronics firm Sharp has announced that it is developing a 3D enabled smartphone to compete with Apple's iPhone.

The company has said that the smartphone's screenwill allow users to view 3D images without the need for specially designed glasses.

Experts believe that the screen will use similar technology to what is expected to be used in Nintendo's 3DS hand held games console, set to be launched in the UK next year.

Speaking at a recent press conference, a Sharp spokesperson said that the device will come with a camera capable of shooting images in 3D, but failed to release any further details.

The spokesperson added that the device is set to be launched in October,

Sharp has had a poor run in the smartphone market of late - Microsoft's Kin social networking smartphone line, which was discontinued after abysmal sales figures, was developed by Sharp.

The company has decided to make use of its 3D capabilities to attract consumers away from their BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Android smartphones.