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Sony PS3 3.41 Update Fixes Hard Drive Issues

Sony has released a new version of its 3.41 firmware update for the PlayStation 3 games console.

The update is designed to fix the hard drive problems encountered by some users.

The original PS3 3.41 firmware update was causing problems for users who were upgrading their console's hard drive.

Sony acknowledged the problem and has reissued the update with only a few tweaks and changes. The company said that as the changes were so minor, it had decided to keep the update version at 3.41.

Writing on the PlayStation blog, Sony wrote: “We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and appreciate your understanding and continued support.”

Sony is currently gearing up to launch its PlayStation Move motion controller for its PS3 games console.

The controller has so far received a positive response from gamers and critics alike for its competitive pricing, accuracy and design.

The PlayStation Move starter pack is priced at £50, containing one Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera, as well as demo versions of a number of Move-compatible games.