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Trusteer Uncovers UK-Specific Zeus 2.0 Botnet

Security firm Trusteer has uncovered a new Zeus 2.0 botnet, specifically designed to siphon financial information from customers of UK banks.

The malware was discovered by Trusteer security researchers after a six-month long study of the botnet format.

According to the security firm, the botnet is one of the first instances of malware based on the emerging Zeus 2.0 botnet to be found in the wild.

Trusteer warned that the botnet was capable of stealing sensitive financial information, such as credit and debit card numbers, bank statements, FTP passwords, cookie information, passwords and customers' online banking log-in details.

Chief technology officer for Trusteer, Amit Klein, said: "What is especially worrying is that this botnet doesn't just stop at user IDs and passwords."

“By harvesting client-side certificates and cookies, the cyber criminals can extract a lot of extra information that can be used to augment their illegal access to those users' online accounts.”