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Vodafone Set To Sell Blackberry Torch 9800

Mobile phone operator Vodafone has announced that it will sell the just announced Blackberry Torch 9800 handset in the UK with those interested in the smartphone able to pre-register.

The page which is available here does not provide with the all important information about the monthly contract details or the price of that contract although we'd expect it to be north of £40 on a two year contract.

The Blackberry Storm 2 is available for £35 per month and is unlikely to be made obsolete by the introduction of the 9800 although the Storm 2 won't be upgradable to Blackberry OS 6 according to RIM.

The first Canadian manufacturer's first slider is also likely to likely to be available on O2 and Virgin Media as reported by a number of news outlets. 3 UK, T-Mobile and Orange have yet to confirm whether they will stock the phone.

The phone has received mixed reception from analysts and commentators because it doesn't provide with a compelling upgrade or alternative to the iPhone and Android handsets.